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OptiGrip Walksurfaces are manufactured by Millard Manufacturing Corp and sold through its affiliate, Millard Metal Services, Inc. 

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Millard Metal Services, Inc., and its affiliate, Millard Manufacturing Corp. have been supplying our customers with stock size metals, fabricated metal products, and other specialty items for over twenty-five years. These years of experience as a provider of stainless steel and aluminum bar stock and sheet metal material provides you with single call sourcing for all your metal needs. In addition, our central location in Omaha, Nebraska means fast, efficient, and affordable service anywhere within the continental United States.

Millard Metal Services, Inc.
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Millard Manufacturing Corp is a stainless steel fabricator, specializing in custom food processing machinery and equipment for large volume industrial food processing plants.  We cooperatively design and fabricate various types of equipment and machinery built to specification for industries throughout the United States, including:

  • Pork Processors

  • Canning Operations

  • Frozen Food Operations

  • Beef Operations

  • Poultry Processors

  • Fresh Food Operations

  • Frozen Food Operations

  • Pharmaceutical Operations

Our professional sales and engineering staff will help you design and specify products and equipment to meet your operational needs. We have a solid reputation for helping customers maximize both production and yield with considerations for increased worker safety and high sanitation standards. We work hard to find the right solution.

Millard Manufacturing Corp
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