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OptiGrip walk surfaces are the superior choice for sanitary applications that require sure footing.  Whether you pick the traditional F style or the clean K style, you will get the same outstanding walk surface features.  Both styles are available in a wide range of standard widths and custom lengths to meet your platform and stair tread needs.  Other options include various end styles and a gripping "Step edge" feature for stair treads. 






Gripper Cones give sure footing by biting the foot through debris, liquids, and grease.  The staggered tread pattern assures that in each step two or more gripper cones contact the foot giving traction in all directions.  Debris is pressed down and away from the foot by the cone giving a firm grip.  The large (7/8" diameter) hole reduces hazardous material accumulation allowing it to fall away.  The result is firm footing which reduces slips, falls, and injuries.

Drain Holes prevent slippery pooling by draining liquids away quickly.  The OptiGrip walk surface can be washed down and used right away.

Stainless Steel Construction provides a strong, long lasting, easily cleaned walk surface that stands up to harsh and frequently cleaned environments.  Initial cost is reasonable when compared to other materials, and of continuing value because it is virtually maintenance free.  Additional material options are available.

K Step Edge Option for stair treads adds more grip on the front edge to help with footing on step and stair applications (K Style only). 

Customizable lengths allow you to design an optimum fit for your application and various choices for end styles make it easy to fill a wide range of needs for cleaning and installation.

Applications include stair treads, platforms, crossovers, mezzanines, drain covers, and elevated decks. See our extensive capabilities at www.millardmfg.com.


Example:  K-5-24.50-E1  would be a K style tread with no end caps 5 hole width and 24.5" long.



Style    Choose either the straight legged K style or the formed leg F style.  Both styles have the same walk surface but each have their own unique features.  Pick an end view below for a detail page about that style.  See the Other Options below for Step edge information.
Features K
End View

Material * 12 Ga. Stainless Steel 14 Ga. Stainless Steel
Maximum Length 60" 120"
Stock Sizes No Yes
Serrated Edges Step Edge Optional Yes
Edges Finished Edges deburred &
corners radiused

* Note:  Available in other materials.

Widths    Nine standard widths are offered and are specified using the number of staggered holes across the tread.  The width is different for each style.  See the width chart.  Custom widths are also available. 




Length   Stock items are shipped in full lengths and can be cut at the job site.  Non stock items can be made to length.  The hole pattern is centered on the tread based on the specified custom length.  Maximums are 60" for K style and 120" for F style.

End Cap Styles   Standard OptiGrip comes open ended but for a finished look, solid end caps can be added.  For your bolt-on applications, specify the hole/slot end cap that is pre-punched for 3/8" mounting bolts. Custom end cap options are also available. 

Note that K Style end caps are formed in and welded on the vertical edges while F Style end caps are cut to size and welded on all sides.

End Cap

K Style

F Style

  E1 ... none

  E2 ... solid

  E3 ... hole/slot

Other Options   Choose the S option to have the K Step Edge feature popular on stairs applications.  This option adds a solid shoe gripping edge on the leading edge of the stair tread.  See the K Step Edge specification sheet for more details. 


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